Day 343 of 366: thankful for the sun

The sun rises and the sun sets,
    and hurries back to where it rises.

Ecclesiastes 1:5

Ecclesiastes 1:5 is very straight forward about the cycle of the sun. The sun doesn’t live by the clock and we can learn so much from this marvelous shiny wonder. Here are my top 2:

^ The sun does its job without looking for recognition; for it’s the sun’s duty to shine. When we perform a task, we shouldn’t be looking for ways to elevate ourselves. Doing great things shouldn’t be about recognition. Do your job; let God do the rest.

^ The sun knows its place. It knows when to shine, and when to bow out, never taking the moon’s turn in the spotlight away. Just as the sun knows its place, we too should know when to take and when to bow out of the spotlight.

I am thankful that the sun rises and sets worldwide.

I am thankful that the sun makes way for the moon to shine.

I am thankful for lessons from the sun.

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What are you thankful for today?

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