Day 178 of 366: thankful for Fromage!

Did you not pour me out like milk
and curdle me like cheese,

Job 10:10Β 

I love cheese and this is hard to admit, but I might’ve been over abusing cheese. I eat it with anything even with snacks at times or as a snack or just with coffee.

Cheese and Coffee Pairings

I’ve been looking to extend my taste buds with fromages franΓ§ais, but it’s not easy to get French cheeses here.

Cheese is happiness. Cheese is love. Cheese is life.

Quotes About Cheese – World Cheese Map

I am thankful for this delicious dairy product.

French Cheese Tasting and History Class | ILA - France

What are you thankful for today?

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2 thoughts on “Day 178 of 366: thankful for Fromage!

  1. mmmmmmm cheese. I have got to the place in my life where, like bread, I don’t think there is a cheese that I haven’t liked πŸ™‚ When I was younger, you would never get me to eat a “strange” cheese hehehe if it wasn’t plain ole yellow cheese then it was a hard NO. Now, oh my goodness, if I see one that I’ve never had that will come to an end quickly hahaha πŸ™‚

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What are you thankful for?

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